Chef Kaviraj Khialani & his team of experts are specialised in over 33 International Cuisines around the Globe.

We plan,organise and conduct all of the following events with reputed 5 star hotels & Grade-A restaurants around the country & overseas as well.

1) food festival nites- promoting various cuisines which are popular like indian & chinese and also cuisines like filipino & south african foods which are not very happening in india.

2) theme based events offering global cuisine on a platter,it starts from the very basic food with traditional cultures and reaches out to varied audience with different tastes and palates ! the food here is prepared on live counters/special attractions are the interactive cooking sessions which makes the crowd all the more excited about having their specialised taste and flavors taken care of.

3) mix-n-match food events- this basically is a concept where we present a melange of cuisines which favors a wide crowd as well,it starts with fusion concepts which are blended artistically with the traditional ones to make them taste something new!

An aloo paratha pizza with indo fusion toppings.

An italian lasagne with parmesan cheese layered with butter chicken and olives.

A tava subzi fusion with mashed potatoes and schezuan chili topping.

Gajar halwa calzone pizzas with strawberry flavored chocolate rabdi.
And many more...

4) seasons choice food fiestas- these events talk about the various seasonal special promotions which many hotels and restaurants tend to present at various times of the year to add some attractions into their outlets and also inculcate to make some more revenues during the slack hours of operations.we plan special attractive menus which can be showcased on tent cards on dining tables with a twist of innovation in them so that it offers an initiative from the guests who feel like trying these delicacies!
Some popular seasonal menus are based on mangoes,strawberries,summer specials and festive menus.

5) company based product events- These events are focussed on creating awareness about some new products which are launched by food companies and they like to get across to the hotels and restaurants for enhancing their sales and create awareness among the masses.

Some of these companies tie up with chef kaviraj & his team for conducting special demonstrations/workshops at popular venues where the company gets a good mileage and coverage among public and media. The sessions include live preparations which are offered to the guests who are a part of these sessions to try out the product,give feedback on them thereby giving a chance to the company to improve or enhance themselves before officially getting into the market.

Chef Kaviraj has been doing these kind of events with GODREJ AGROVET COMPANY- at the launch of their outlet called Nature’s Basket at Andheri West.

AATASH FOODS PVT LTD –a leading brand in ready to use ginger-garlic-red chili paste and various other ready to use pastes.

CHENAB IMPEX PVT LTD-leading brand in olive oil,olives and imported ready to use exotic food ingredients.

KONKAN SPICES & CURRY MAKERS- a specialised company dealing in ready to use powdered spices with basic to complex varieties like vindaloo masala, chana masala etc.